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Cost-effective repairs for the life of the structure...

Concrete garages suffer from corrosion of embedded reinforcing steel, leaks, structural cracking, even collapse. Assessment of the garage through visual, sampling and testing provides insight into the condition of garage components. GRG has over 25 years of experience in assessing the causes of failure and designing repairs. We are often able to present owners and managers with a variety of repair and maintenance procedures, so that they can choose the one that suits their cash-flow needs. Above ground, below ground, conventionally reinforced, post-tensioned, or precast, GRG has experience with them all.

In addition to the repair of concrete, some form of protection is also typically applied. Waterproofing, sealers, cathodic protection, and re-alkalization are among the options. Which is best for you depends on your own set of circumstances. GRG provides the on-site assessment of life-cycle planning needed to make appropriate decisions about repair.

Owners and managers of millions of parking stalls have benefited from this experience.