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Is replacement a good idea?...

Newer buildings are substituting glass and aluminium for brick and mortar. The increased glass area of modern buildings has many aesthetic benefits, but they are lost when the insulating glass unit (IGU) seals fail and the glass clouds up with condensation and looks dirty.

Simply replacing the glass is not the answer. Building owners and managers that want to reduce the problem need to establish the cause of premature failure of their IGUs to prevent a repeated occurrence. The problem may be in the manufactured unit, in the exposure conditions, or both. GRG can determine what needs to be done.

And, what about the IGUs on the same façade? Are they about to fail? Prediction of the remaining life in an insulated glass unit has long eluded owners and managers; but, wholesale replacement is not cost-effective. GRG employs state-of-the-art technology to estimate the remaining life so that practical decisions can be made on whether or not to replace IGUs.