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Long-term repair and replacement of Canada's building infrastructure is finally getting the attention it merits. Development of the funding programs that must accompany the planned expenditures is key to formulating a useful plan. Experienced in computer modeling of funding scenarios, as well as building condition assessments and repair costing, GRG has developed capital expenditure programs for several major building portfolios. Each of these plans has been tailored to the specific requirements of the client. The largest single plan produced by GRG to date involves 2,800 properties.

GRG developed the Condition Index and the Funding Index to allow owners and managers to better understand and control the expenses and funding over the life of a facility. This benefit simplifies the awkward spreadsheets and long descriptions that often accompany plans from others.

Among the other benefits our clients realize from a GRG plan is the ability to better manage resources needed to administer expenses. This, together with what is often a reduction in total funding requirements, makes the GRG plan attractive to property owners and managers.