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Concrete balconies suffer from corrosion of embedded reinforcing steel. While the symptoms may be similar to bridge and garage deterioration, the cause of balcony deterioration is different and requires a different approach. Balcony edge and surface spalling generally occurs after 15 to 25 years due to carbonation of the concrete in a moist environment.

GRG can assess the condition and estimate the remaining life in the balcony before widespread repair is needed. This allows owners and managers to better plan for the work. Once repairs are decided, GRG designs appropriate concrete repair. More often than not, this involves structural strengthening in addition to patching concrete.

Balcony guard design and anchorage also requires engineering. GRG finds that cookie-cutter designs are often not in compliance with the building code and could result in guard failure. Careful review of shop drawings, welding, alloy selection, anchorage design, and resistance to specified and wind loads is needed to assure safe railings.