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CI was developed in conjunction with several GRG projects. More information on CI can be found in their reports:

If you have any questions about CI, or how it's calculated, please call us at 1 (800) 838-8183

Condition Index Calculator

NOTE: all expenses should be in present dollars (not inflated).

Step 1 - enter immediate expenses

Sum all capital expenses for the first three years (0 - 2).

Step 2 - enter near-future expenses

Sum all capital expenses for years three to ten, inclusive (3 - 10).

Step 3 - enter long-term expenses

Sum all capital expenses for the full thirty years (0 - 30).

Step 4 - review and submit

Condition Index (CI) is a tool that measures the current and future condition of a condominium, using readily available capital expense data found in your Reserve Fund Study.


Although a good property manager has an accurate perception of a building's condition, it is difficult to express it convincingly - CI removes the subjective element.


The Condition Index enables a property manager to objectively compare the conditions of multiple buildings, regardless of building type or size.

See Sample Calculation (Adobe Acrobat)